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Kissi *: Always something Special

                                                            special quality

                                                            special flower colours

                                                            special flower shapes

                                                            special vitality

*The name Kissi is a mark of honour to my brother and his family.

The entire family (including 3 very young children) lost their lives in a tragic accident in 2000.

The daughter (the youngest) was called Kirsten, but nicknamed Kissi by her mother.

To me, Kissi represents all five people of that family.

In the improvement process of our Delphiniums we used various varieties/cultivars from around the world, form England to New Zealand.

From the many seedlings we made a selection, which has led to a line of 10 attractive colours.

Natural pollination in Helleborus has led to a variety that is extremely suitable for the production of cut flowers.

The thing that makes Delphinium and Helleborus Kissi ® so special, apart from the features of this range, is that we do everything to market nothing but high-quality products.


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