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Kissi ®, a brand that stands for an exclusive range of Delphinium and Helleborus.

The Kissi brand is ideal for high-end florists and floral designers to stand out from the rest with a special range of flowers that keep well.

The Delphinium is available in 10 cultivars via FloraHolland Aalsmeer or via high-end cash & carries, liners and exporters, to order if necessary.

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It is supplied between June and November.

These  quality flowers can be recognised by the special Kissi ® label.

Delphinium Kissi is available in lengths ranging from 1m to 1.20 m, and mixed with a length of 65 cm.

In 2015, the Helleborus Kissi will be available in dark purple/black. When sufficiently ripe, it is a cut flower that keeps very well in April and May. It is available in lengths of 35 and 45 cm.

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